Window Shopping
FIAT’s Interactive Digital Display Wall

FIAT USA engaged ICON Interactive to design and develop an immersive, fun experience that showcases the all-new FIAT 500X and simultaneously draws crowds of consumers to their displays at malls, events, concerts and trade exhibits across the country. To accomplish this goal, the ICON crew developed a game-like interaction utilizing a 12×7 foot video wall and a Kinect camera that reacts to the person in front of the screen. Our crew created a series of animations that result in a one of kind interactive experience.


The billboard-sized experience comes to life creating a full-size digital image of the 500X that interacts with passersby. The car tracks your movements as you approach. It says “hello” (in Italian, of course). It shuffles left and right with you and communicates via thought bubbles, beeps, engine revs and tire squeals. Each different movement or gesture unlocks a new surprise and allows you to playfully explore the car. You can rotate the car, flip the car, swipe through different colors, and even toss a shoe into the window to see the car “tricked out” in various classic Vans-themed patterns. You can change the scenery between a city backdrop, plain white, or a beach setting. On the beach, you can toss a beach ball at the car and it will bat the ball back. In the city, the beach ball becomes a basketball. When properly cued, the 500X even turns and poses for a picture with you. Each user finds new interactions making their experience different from the last.


The “Window Shopping” experience was recently unveiled at the April 2015 NY Auto Show and was featured on Mashable. Ask us more about “Window Shopping” with FIAT’s Interactive Digital Display Wall: