Making the Def Jam website
A Discussion With Team ICON

Def Jam approached us to create something new for them, something that represented the pioneering spirit of the music, and raised the bar on what a record label site could be.

They are in a unique cultural space in our society. The history of Def Jam represents a huge part of the history of Rap and Hip Hop music. In turn, Rap and Hip Hop have had an immense influence on our culture in general in everything from music, to fashion, to films and even to speech itself.

Def Jam is not just a record label, it’s a cultural movement. We tried to capture this movement in their website, serving up a mix of music and lifestyle content in a way that makes the user part of the Def Jam story. was designed for a mobile device first giving it an app-like feel. The homepage is made of swappable feature panels.Users navigate up and down the page to get from feature to feature, or side to side to see more info within each panel. Cursor commands allows users to explore the site by simply hitting the up, down, left, and right arrow keys. Additionally the site is optimized for mobile and tablets, taking advantage of expected swipe behavior.