Interior Design, Cross Training and Cooking

“I don’t get to watch as many movies as I would like, but I think there are amazing examples of motion graphics within the opening title sequence of a movie. I also find a lot of inspiration from the branding and interior design within stores and restaurants. There are so many small independent stores opening […]


Inevitable Collisions: Art and Technology Meet

When a conference celebrating the inevitable collisions between innovation, technology and creativity comes to Ann Arbor, it only made sense for us to get involved. The event we’re talking about is Intermitten, a two day exploration of creativity’s role in innovation and technology through panels, presentations and performances. Our part was creating a fully immersive […]


The Link Between Vulnerability And Creativity

There’s an amazing TED Talk we stumbled across a few years ago by social worker Brene Brown titled “The Power of Vulnerability.” It went viral and now has over 24 million views. If you haven’t heard of it, watch it now! It is life changing. A lot of what Brown discusses is how our instinctual […]


Recent Reads on Creativity, Flow & Productivity

Inducing creativity is near impossible, or is it? Setting the stage where creativity is easily achievable is desirable both for companies wanting better problem solving and innovation, as well as for individuals to have greater enjoyment in their lives. Here’s are some of my recent favorites: An article in the NY Times described how relaxation […]