Now available for HTC Vive

SoundLites, by Icon Interactive, uses Unity 3D’s spatial audio engine to help you create interactive soundscapes. Soundlites encourages users to interact with music in a new way by combining music, space, balls (fun), and exploration in a VR environment.

In the experience, you use your “Lite tool” to build and explore a sonic light landscape. Create, move, throw, and destroy lites to shape a dimensional sound collage in an ambient world. Bounce off the walls or get into a meditative state and zone out. Make the experience your own.

Get SoundLites today for HTC Vive on Viveport. Get it on Steam July 16th.

The graphics are decidedly Lo-poly. They give a sense of openness and ambiance, while still letting the user imagine what the space means and where it really exists.

Icon has been creating web and mobile experiences for musicians for over 15 years. We’ve worked with musicians like Paul McCartney, Madonna, U2, Katy Perry, Phish, Spoon, Wilco, Pixies, Black Keys, Bob Dylan, Def Jam, Beastie Boys and more. This is their first published VR app.

With the release of the HTC Vive, we started thinking about what this new medium meant for musicians. Is it an experience that goes along with the music, like music videos? A tool that’s used in the creation of the music? Both?

We set a longer goal of figuring out what a VR album could be. What does it mean to create an interactive album? An environmental or spatial album? SoundLites is one step on the road to understanding new musical interactions, a collaboration between the artist and the fan, and VR Albums.

Soundlites is available for HTC Vive on Viveport, July 16th on Steam. Coming soon for Oculus, Daydream and Playstation VR.