Seeing Red?
ICON gives a new look to

Artist management agency Redlight Management (RLM) has an impressive roster of musicians, ranging from punk rocker Billy Talent to EDM DJ Tiesto. So when the music company approached us to redesign and develop their website, we were excited for both the opportunity to work with an amazing client and to the challenge of designing a site that would match the caliber of all the artists the agency represents. The site was designed by ICON Designer Blandine Mathieu. It was developed by ICON Developer John Castellese.



RLM manages over 200 artists, with a diverse range of sound, vocals and genres, so we had to simultaneously portray the various styles of these artists as well as the multitude of talent that is RLM through the website’s design. As well, with RLM representing so many musicians, finding a way to streamline the content and media that needed to be implemented would be fundamental to the site’s functionality. With all of this in mind, Mathieu got to work. The end result?, a website with bold features and color, as well as a sleek design that highlights the work of all the artists that create RLM.




“I wanted to make sure that the user wasn’t overloaded with information and that every section was easy to digest and navigate,” explained Mathieu. “The contrast of open space, bold typography and color is what makes it unique. It’s easy to make sites like these feel crowded and overwhelming due to the amount of content. Instead, we tried to make it feel open and welcoming.”




Mathieu spent a lot of time on research and gathering inspirational references, as well as exploring different design styles.

“It was important to find the right aesthetic for the site,” said Mathieu. “The client wanted the site to feel large and reflect the caliber of artists they manage. Our design does this through promoting the success of their artists. The site allows RLM to tell bigger stories and put more media at the user’s fingertips.”

“The biggest challenge was accounting for the variable amount of content for each artist, and making that information stand out no matter what it is,” added Castellese.

Almost every page of is dedicated to its artists, with photos and insights into the minds behind the music. The homepage, for example, is punctuated by sliding photos and text, flying into your line of sight and capturing your attention.

And, one of our favorite and most interactive features of the site—the tours page. We crafted an animated, interactive map that really lets visitors experience the largeness that is RLM, with all the shows represented.



“I think the most unique and interesting aspect of the site is the tour map, which shows Red Light artists’ upcoming performances around the world,” said Castellese.

The site is as large and welcoming as the music RLM produces. But don’t take our word for it. Experience the site for yourself at