New Ideas and Old Techniques
How ICON Changed the Scope of the 360° Virtual Tour

Earlier this fall, members of the ICON Ann Arbor team headed out to Germany to see the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show in action. The visit included finally seeing the real life layout of Delphi’s 360° Virtual Tour that ICON had created at the event.

“It lets [an audience] see the area without actually being there. It’s more than a regular picture. You can pan around; you can zoom in. It’s a virtual experience.” ICON Software Engineer Elam Daly said.

Breathing new life into old technology, the 360° Virtual Tour was created to give viewers an immersive experience of Delphi’s Connected Car Booth without needing to be physically present at the event. Virtual tours, which had once been solely the hallmark of the real estate industry, is finally broadening its horizons with ICON at the forefront.

Spanning from floor to ceiling and everything else in-between, the 360° Virtual Tour gives viewers complete access to every dimension of the event.

“It was like being there, minus the crowds and visual displays. We had links in the 360° [Virtual Tour] that took you to videos, which made up for not being able to touch the displays or play the videos.” Daly said.

Six different shots—taken by a camera that rotated around in a circle—allowed viewers to see all 360 degrees of the area.

“We had somebody come in and take this special type of image with a special camera lens. The images were warped, and then stitched all together into a panorama. This generates a webpage that you can view on a phone or in a desktop,” Daly said.

Hotspots in the 360° Virtual Tour were used to represent displays at the Frankfurt Show and highlighted and elaborated on functions of the Connected Car. Clicking on the various hotspots around the 360° Virtual Tour takes the Internet viewer to videos that explained different facets of the vehicle.

For a less exploratory and more directed search, a model of the booth in the bottom right corner the 360° Virtual Tour points out hotspots the viewers can access immediately.