ICON’s Top Five Super Bowl 50 Ads

An advertising spot in The Super Bowl has been a long coveted opportunity for advertisers. Every year, millions of Americans turn on their TVs to watch the big game. Last night, The Super Bowl 50 had an average rating of 49.0, which means that 49% of American homes with a TV were tuned in. Understandably then, companies want a spot in the ads queue. And if you have $5 million in your budget, then you can get 30 seconds of airtime.

This year’s Super Bowl commercials consisted of the usual suspects: cute animals, babies, and a combo of both. There were a lot of good ads in the mix and some that missed the mark. Here are ICON’s top Super Bowl 50 ads.

1. Portraits by Jeep

2. Ryanville by Hyundai

3. First Date by Hyundai

4. Dog Tested by Subaru

5. Fall In Love With Nature by Marmot