Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry
Facebook’s Latest Feature Lets Users Show How They Really Feel

Earlier this week, Facebook announced that Reactions, its newest feature on the social platform, would be available globally. To use Reactions, users have to either hover over the like button on desktop or hold down the like button on mobile to be able to select their desired Reaction.

The Reactions—love, haha, wow, sad, angry–come into play after users had complained that simply “liking” an update sometimes didn’t sufficiently express their feelings about particular posts. For example, if a Facebook friend posted a sad status, a user might want to acknowledge to show support. However, liking the sad status wouldn’t accurately depict how that user was feeling. Now, with the sad Reaction, this situation could be potentially remedied.

So far, the reactions to the new extension have been very positive. Advertisers are particularly excited about Facebook’s latest development because it gives a new way to analyze users online and can help advertisers tailor their messages to audiences more accordingly. Currently, all Reactions will be treated as the same level of engagement as likes. Any Reaction on a post will be inferred to mean that users will want to see more of that content.

Whatever your feelings are about the latest from Facebook, it is interesting to see how users want to accurately and fully express themselves on social media. It goes to show how much the online extension of ourselves goes into our self perception and expression. And, for those who don’t like the new feature, the good, old trusty like button is still available.