Window Shopping: FIAT’s Interactive Digital Display Wall

FIAT USA engaged ICON Interactive to design and develop an immersive, fun experience that showcases the all-new FIAT 500X and simultaneously draws crowds of consumers to their displays at malls, events, concerts and trade exhibits across the country. To accomplish this goal, the ICON crew developed a game-like interaction utilizing a 12×7 foot video wall […]


Making the Def Jam website: A Discussion With Team ICON

Def Jam approached us to create something new for them, something that represented the pioneering spirit of the music, and raised the bar on what a record label site could be. They are in a unique cultural space in our society. The history of Def Jam represents a huge part of the history of Rap […]


ICON’s Digital Platform Ignites and Engages Students Worldwide

Harvard University’s research center Project Zero asked ICON to build a digital platform that could ignite and engage students worldwide. We developed Out of Eden Learn, an online learning platform that uses social media as a springboard for deep meaningful leaning around one man’s seven year odyssey to retrace the roots of human civilization. Watch our case […]


New Ideas and Old Techniques: How ICON Changed the Scope of the 360° Virtual Tour

Earlier this fall, members of the ICON Ann Arbor team headed out to Germany to see the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show in action. The visit included finally seeing the real life layout of Delphi’s 360° Virtual Tour that ICON had created at the event. “It lets [an audience] see the area without actually being there. […]


Integrating User Experience in “Wish I Was Here”: An Interview With Will Claflin and Rob Adams

You just completed work on the “Wish I Was Here” website for Zach Braff’s Kickstarter funded project. What was your inspiration for the project? And, what was the goal in creating the website? “The goal was to create a rewarded tiered experience for the users who gave money to fund the movie. We wanted to […]


Reinventing the Idea of the Album: An Interview With Jon Sulkow

The Singh’s Band website is visually very interesting. It has a Steam Punk feel to it. There is a lot going on, and I found myself really drawn to the content and curious about what is going on on the site. How did this project come about?  “Jeet Singh and his band, run a startup […]

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